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After a DUI arrest in Gilbert, your first move should be to call an aggressive Gilbert DUI lawyer.  With law enforcement and prosecutors pressing for maximum penalties for DUI offenders, you need a law firm with a record for successful DUI defense.  In this case, Gilbert DUI Lawyers can help you to avoid the worst penalties for a DUI conviction.  Also, the consequences for a DUI charge in Gilbert are harsh.  Plus, the penalties are costly and may affect your personal, professional, financial future.

Shared with a DUI? You need to contact an attorney experienced in representing DUI cases in Gilbert.

Furthermore, most people who are arrested for DUI in Gilbert are unaware of the penalties or the Gilbert DUI law. In fact, Arizona has very strict consequences for a DUI conviction, including jail time, fees, classes, and interlock requirements.  Specifically, Gilbert DUI Lawyers know the law and how it pertains to your particular case and circumstances surrounding your DUI case.


Financing Options Available – Free Case Evaluation

Schedule a free consultation with an experience Gilbert DUI Lawyer.  Ask about our financing options that are available.  Our firm offers expert and experienced Gilbert DUI representation at an affordable price.  It is crucial to your case to call immediately following your DUI arrest.  An attorney will discuss the specifics of your case, then analyze all the facts and details in order to determine the best possible defense.  In additon, we can help you obtain information, give you options, and help you fight your DUI condition.  At the same time, Gilbert DUI Lawyers are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for your

Top Golf in Gilbert is a great place to practice your swing and enjoy a few drinks with friends. If impairment caused by drinking can result in a DUI arrest in Gilbert., call Gilbert DUI Lawyers for a free oonsultation/

particular case.

Experience matters when choosing an attorney to represent your DUI case

There are different aspects of an arrest that need to be examined by an experienced attorney:

  • The police stop:  What were the reasons given by the police officer in the report for making the stop.  What was the nature of the stop?
  • The breathalyzer test:  Were breathalyzer guidelines and procedures followed?  Did the officer have proper certification to operate the machine properly?  Per guidelines, did they maintain and calibrate the test machine?
  • The field sobriety tests:  Did a trained officer administer the tests according to guidelines?  Did the officer follow the strict guidelines exactly?
  • The Blood test:  The results and time frame for the draw should be analyzed.  Were the test results borderline?


Lastly, Gilbert DUI Lawyers know what it takes to properly defend a DUI arrest. That’s because we have represented clients in Gilbert, Arizona facing a DUI conviction.  That means we’ve seen many cases, we understand the legal process, and our attorneys have expertise in defending  DUI cases.