DUI For Marijuana and under 21 Can Hurt You More than Your License

AVONDALE DUI LAWYERFinding a good Avondale DUI Lawyer or Marijuana Lawyer in Arizona can be really helpful if you have been caught driving under the influence of THC. Especially if you are under twenty-one years of age, this can really hurt you in terms of driving in the future.   READ MORE




What is “Aggravated DUI with Child in the Car?”   

You know that when you drink and drive, you put yourself and other drivers on the road at risk. You just don’t the ability to make good choices or to react quickly, which means that you are more likely to cause a serious accident. Yet the drinking can also be responsible for making the poor choice of getting in the car to drive in the first place.  READ MORE


Arizona Supreme Court ruling on DUI testing consent

AVONDALE DUI LAWYEREarlier this year, the Phoenix Arizona Supreme Court decided that police no longer have the power to force a drunk driver suspect to submit to alcohol testing. The decision was made for basically one reason: Suspects can absolutely refuse to submit to alcohol testing. Forcing a citizen to do so actually violates their right against unreasonable searches without a warrant, also know as their Fourth Amendment right. If there is a case where a driver was misjudged for being under the influence and they are forced to take an alcohol test, a DUI lawyer in Phoenix or DUI defense attorney in Phoenix representing the suspect could hold the officer responsible for violating the driver’s rights.  READ MORE


Drinking and Driving Facts that Should Sober You up!

Even though everybody knows that drinking and driving is not only an illegal, but also an exceedingly stupid thing to do, there seems to be no cessation in drunk driving arrests, accidents, and fatalities in Phoenix stemming from alcohol or drug use. The main reason that drivers still get behind the wheel, even though they “know better” is because they never think that it will hit them. But it is not a question if they get arrested or injured, but when. The facts, speak for themselves and so in today’s blog, we have compiled a list of drunk driving questions and answers that should have you sober up in no time at all and prevent you from ever driving under the influence again.  READ MORE 


Phoenix DUI Checkpoint Survival Tips

AVONDALE DUI LAWYERYou have a few drinks at dinner with friends, but you think you feel fine. You start the drive home, and you still think you feel fine. But a few minutes down the road, you see the flashing lights in your rearview mirror. The next thing you know, you’re being asked to get out of your car and walk a straight line to show that you aren’t intoxicated.  READ MORE



What To Do If Stopped For a DUI

Exercise your right to remain silent. You do not need to answer any questions, such as whether you have been drinking. Exercising your right to remain silent may cause you to feel awkward, but it is important. You simply need to hand your driver’s license, insurance, and registration to the officer. READ MORE


What is going to happen to me? I was arrested for first-time DUI in Arizona

Offenders are arrested for DUI in Arizona if they are: driving impaired, or driving with a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) of 0.08 or higher.  Most likely, if you are arrested and charged with a DUI in Arizona, you will pay a $250 fine, spend one day in jail, receive probation, have your drivers license suspended for a minimum of 90 days, and submit to a drug/alcohol evaluation and treatment. READ MORE

What To Expect When Charged With a DUI in Arizona

AVONDALE DUI LAWYERGetting pulled over and charged with a DUI in Arizona — offending the DUI law by driving, attempting to drive, or being in charge of any vehicle on the road or public place anywhere in Arizona — can come with a hefty price tag. Those arrested for DUI (Driving under the influence) face Arizona DUI costs, fines, fees, and penalties.  READ MORE



Charged with a DUI? You need to know what to do first

It is normal to feel overwhelmed and frightened after being pulled over and arrested for a DUI in Arizona.  You may or not be aware of the stiff Arizona DUI law/penalties. If you are unsure of the consequences, the costs, the repercussions, and if you are unfamiliar with the proceedings, the first thing you should do is to consult with an attorney experienced in Arizona DUI Law.   READ MORE