DUI For Marijuana and under 21 Can Hurt You More than Your License

DUI For Marijuana and Under 21 Can Hurt You More Than Your License

DUI For Marijuana and under 21 Can Hurt You More than Your License

Finding a good Avondale DUI Lawyer or Marijuana Lawyer in Arizona can be really helpful if you have been caught driving under the influence of THC. Especially if you are under twenty-one years of age, this can really hurt you in terms of driving in the future. Finding a good DUI Lawyer when you have been caught is your first step to avoiding irreparable damage to your future. This can be true of any kind of DUI, whether drugs or alcohol are involved. So here are some ways that a DUI for Marijuana use and being under twenty one years of age can hurt you.

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While marijuana is already legal in two states, and more are on the way to legalizing it, medical marijuana is legal here in Arizona. Unfortunately, this also means that you can get a DUI from utilizing such a substance. This increases concerns for parents because they are afraid that it will reach their children easier than it would if it was still illegal. Lawmakers are also concerned about this, as making the legal age to use it is set at the same as alcohol, twenty one years old, they think there are still ways that minors can obtain the substance.

Arizona has some of the most strict DUI laws in the country, so it would be reasonable to assume that their marijuana use laws are just as strict. Since the use of medical marijuana is legalized, they do have some restrictions in place for those under 21. Just like having alcohol in your system, having marijuana in your system could lead to criminal charges if you are caught driving. If you are under twenty one, then there is a zero tolerance law in place. Even if you are not impaired, you could still be charged for smoking and driving. This means that having any amount of marijuana in your system will induce criminal charges and ultimately make life difficult for you.

Another difficulty of this is that THC stays in your system for much longer than alcohol does. Even if you smoked it the week before, and you are no longer impaired from it, you could still be hit with drug related charges, which could also complicate things for you. This is an unfortunate side effect of marijuana use, because there is no certain way to tell of someone’s toxicity level at that current moment. A test could indicate that you are completely impaired, while in reality, the effects have worn off indefinitely and you are no longer impaired by the THC.

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More complications could include future job prospects. Having the “DUI-D” indication on your license could really hurt your employment options. Even if they do not look at your driver’s license, the charges will surely turn up on a background check, and it could bar you from being employed there. Also, you could lose your current job from under twenty one marijuana DUI charges. These are just some of the repercussions that you might face when trying to find suitable employment after a DUI incident, so make sure you find the proper legal defense to reduce or absolve any criminal allegations.

The only viable reason to have marijuana in your system if you are under twenty one is if it is for medical use only. Even then, however, most laws do not differentiate from medicinal marijuana use and recreational use. Your best solution is to not drive immediately after you have been smoking. If you still get caught, then you need to speak with a professional DUI attorney in Avondale who can either dissolve or reduce the charges that have been brought against you.

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