What To Expect When Charged With a DUI in Arizona


cropped-6.jpgWhat to expect when charged with a first-offense DUI

Getting pulled over and charged with a DUI in Arizona — offending the DUI law by driving, attempting to drive, or being in charge of any vehicle on the road or public place anywhere in Arizona — can come with a hefty price tag. Those arrested for DUI (Driving under the influence) face Arizona DUI costs, fines, fees, and penalties. 

Taking the proper course of action and getting an experienced attorney to prepare a defense for your particular case is crucial in order for you to minimize the impact of a DUI.  The DUI/DWI penalties are severe in Arizona — if the level of alcohol, drugs, or medication in you breath, blood, or urine exceeds .08 BAC (blood alcohol content), a person can be charged with DUI.

Don’t let a DUI ruin your life:  you may be facing the social stigma, the inconvenience, and the financial burden associated with a DUI. Do you know your rights?  Do you know the law?  Do you know your options?  Wouldn’t you like to consult with a lawyer who is experienced in representing clients to minimize the penalties or possibly even dismiss a DUI charge?

What can you expect if you are arrested for a DUI in Arizona? The potential cost of a DUI may be devastating:AD DUI

  • Bail
  • legal fees
  • fines
  • lost wages
  • driver’s license suspension
  • Ignition Interlock Device (installation and maintenance)
  • embarrassment within family and community and work
  • your personal reputation 
  • future opportunities
  • court appearances

Possibly Reduce the Arizona DUI Costs and Fees

Call a competent Arizona DUI lawyer to handle your case. The knowledgeable attorneys at My AZ Lawyers, PLLC are not only expert Arizona DUI law professionals, they will consult with you in order to help you understand the entire process and steps through the course of the DUI charge.  Call My AZ LAWYERS, PLLC and speak with an expert in Arizona DUI law — an attorney will examine your case and look at the strengths and discuss your options.

If there is any chance that an attorney could help prevent an Arizona DUI conviction from going on your permanent record, do not fear the legal fees: a DUI conviction is COSTLY in Arizona.  Plus, you may just need the assistance of an Arizona DUI attorney in order to help you make the DUI process a speedy one.  This could mean less time away from your job and smaller lost wages.

My AZ Lawyers understands the damage that may occur financially by being charged with a DUI in Arizona.  Ask about their payment options.

Feeling overwhelmed and scared is normal after a DUI arrest.  It will ease your mind if you contact a lawyer who specializes in Arizona DUI law.  Call the office of My AZ Lawyers, PLLC for a FREE CONSULTATION.  You may discuss the details of your case with an attorney, and depending on the details of your case, get some information, some options, and some reassurance that there may be help for your situation.